Tango Lessons

north sydney bondi tango lessons

Thinking of taking a tango lesson but not sure if it's the right dance for you? Hesitating because you think tango is too difficult, you're too old, not fit enough or you just can't dance? - click here and here.

Our next complete beginners courses start in North Sydney on May 29 and Bondi - May 31. If you don't want to wait that long, consider a few private lessons to cover missed content so you can join our current courses.

Click here for how to book or to find out more about our tango courses in Bondi and North Sydney for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

SoTango's courses cover the same moves and concepts in North Sydney and Bondi each week so you can swap between venues if you can't always attend the same day / venue.

Give the unforgettable gift of tango! Find out about our popular beautiful Gift Certificates here.
north sydney bondi tango lessons

We provide free video dance lesson reviews and study notes of all moves covered in our courses. These are an amazing learning tool and exclusive to SoTango!

Partners can attend for FREE (conditions apply). No problems if you don't have a partner -  we have a team of experienced assistants who can partner up with you!

Special offer on private one:one coaching also available.

Getting married? We have some great wedding dance lessons packages!

Lessons are in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and North Sydney with more locations to be announced soon. 

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SoTango PhiloSOphy
SoTango instructors Sophia and Pablito share over 34 years of combined tango experience and look forward to sharing that with you!  Through their individual tango journeys they've developed a teaching approach that is So Connecting, Soulful and Fun!

So Connecting...
By learning tango you'll experience a beautiful and unique way of connecting with other people. You'll get to connect with fellow students and Sydney's tango aficionados through SoTango's fun social events, tango parties ('milongas') and outings to other milongas around Sydney. 

north sydney bondi tango lessons
Sophia & Pablito: photo by Susan L'Estrange

So Soulful...

At SoTango you'll learn that tango is so much more than just a dance - it's a 'moving meditation' and a conversation of movement between you and another soul.  You don't find its mystery from memorising choreography or mimicking other dancers: you find it within. Many of our new students are pleasantly surprised that tango is so much more than they expected; that it's such a spontaneous, soulful dance, and a wonderful way to practice being present. 

So Fun...

It's a no brainer that you learn and progress best when you're relaxed and having fun - so we make sure the learning ambience is welcoming and light hearted. At SoTango you'll be taught technique and musicality which is based on precision, captures the essence of tango, and is flavoured with a good dose of fun!

north sydney bondi tango lessons
Sophia & Pablito: photo by Susan L'Estrange

At SoTango we...
  • ensure all our courses are structured and sequenced to suit our students' skill levels, from complete beginners to advanced.
  • provide free video dance lesson reviews of all moves covered in its courses. 
  • draw upon a pool of experienced tango dancers to gender balance classes.
  • include an extra 30 mins of supervised practice time in our group dance lessons.
  • limit class sizes - so you get plenty of 1:1 attention and adjustments from instructors. 
  • organise tango parties ('Milongas')  and visits to others around Sydney.
  • great venues with mirrors and wooden floors.

Hello! I'm Sophia (Alvarez) de Lautour - the principal instructor of So Tango and a national tango champion. Since 2001 I have helped literally thousands of people in Sydney to learn to dance Argentine Tango. My co-teacher is Paul (Pablito) Warren, a talented and entertaining tango teacher. 

The popularity of Argentine tango as a social dance is certainly growing in Sydney where it is now possible to dance every night, often with a choice of venues. To get a taste of the social form of tango (the style we teach) here's a video of a typical 'Milonga' (tango dance event) in Buenos Aires...

The social form of tango is fun to learn. It's accessible and does not require prior dance experience. You can dance the tango if you can walk and hold someone in your arms.   

It's also growing more popular as a wedding dance because it's such a beautiful partner dance and a real audience pleaser with its inherent romance and drama.
north sydney tango lessons

Tango is also popular for performances. Here I dance with my good friend Pavel Wagner...

Until we chat, or meet on the dance floor... 
Have a lovely day! 

For more information (in addition to our What is Argentine Tango page) SoTango refers visitors to: Unesco gives Argentine tango world heritage status, and the following Wikipedia pages: About Argentine tango and The different forms of tango