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It's still possible to join our current series of courses for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginners may require catch up private lessons to join our Beginners course. 
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At SoTango our emphasis is on helping you to develop your own personal style and signature as a dancer - not to be come a copy or clone of others. Newbies can bring a partner for free, and we provide lesson video reviews of all moves and concepts covered. No problem if you don't have a partner - we have a team of experienced assistants who can partner up with you!  Go here to find out more about the SoTango approach and what gives us the edge!

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Go here for more on Sophia, a national tango champion and her team of dedicated instructors and assistants. Sophia has taught literally thousands of people to tango, some of whom are now tango instructors themselves - she is a teacher of teachers! 

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Our services include group courses, private coaching, bridal tango, gift certificatesshows and performancesteam building. We also host a popular Practilongas every 1 - 2 months.  
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photo by Viet Nguyen

Hello! I'm Sophia de Lautour (Alvarez) - the principal instructor of SoTango and a national tango champion. Since 2001 I have helped literally thousands of people in Sydney to learn to dance Argentine Tango. In Sydney I am known as 'a teacher of teachers'.  It makes me so proud that some of my ex-students are now teaching!  

The popularity of Argentine tango as a social dance is certainly growing in Sydney where it is now possible to dance every night, often with a choice of venues. To get a taste of the social form of tango (the style we teach) here's a video of a typical 'Milonga' (tango dance event) in Buenos Aires...

Tango is also popular for performances. Here I dance with Pavel Wagner...
Feel free to contact me to discuss anything to do with tango.
Until we chat, or meet on the dance floor, have a lovely day!

For more information (in addition to our What is Argentine Tango page) SoTango refers visitors to: Unesco gives Argentine tango world heritage status, and the following Wikipedia pages: About Argentine tango and The different forms of tango.