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SoTango Practilongas are beautiful space to practice and dance tango socially. They're also an opportunity for Sydney's tango aficionados to welcome and support new dancers into Sydney's tango community, and in so doing help the community to grow and thrive!

Next Dates
SoTango's Practilongas are held every 7 -8 weeks, normally coinciding with our end of term Celebrations.

Mill Hill Community Centre, 31 - 33 Spring Street, Bondi Junction
5 mins walk from Bondi Junction station 
Go here for best parking 


What is a Practilonga?
A practilonga is a a widely accepted term around the world used to describe a tango dance event that is a cross between a practica and a milonga. A practica is an Argentine tango practice session. Its primary focus is on practicing and experimenting with tango moves and technique. A milonga is a tango social dance party. At at milonga the primary focus is on social dancing and respecting good floor craft.

In a practilonga it is acceptable to do both - to practice and to social dance, providing those practicing are mindful and respectful of social dancers and vice versa. 

How does it work?
At SoTango's Practilonga music will be played in tandas (sets of songs) and cortinas (interval music separating the tandas), as is found at most formal milongas.

Dancers may chose to focus on social dancing, moving in the line of dance around the floor, working on refining navigation skills. They may also choose to work on elements of the dance, in a designated practice area.

The rules of etiquette can be relaxed making it ok for limited dialogue with your partner while dancing. If it becomes necessary to stop to dialogue, or to work on something in one spot, then that couple can move to the practice area, so as not to impede the line of dance. 

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