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Has tango changed for the worse? - Part 3

posted Apr 13, 2014, 11:51 PM by Sophia de Lautour   [ updated Sep 2, 2017, 2:03 AM ]
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Image: Cecilia Garcia &  Serkan Gokcesu from

In Has tango changed for the worse? - part 2  I discussed my support for the evolution and changing fashions of tango, providing the essential quality of communion / connection were not lost in the process. 

Another quality not to be left behind in the development and transformation of tango is a respect for the roots of tango:

"Remaining authentic means having a real connection to the past, being educated and sensitive to it, finding a link with the present, and then moving forward to include what we are feeling now about the human experience." 
(Shana Fabiano, American tango dancer)1

It is reassuring that many of the luminaries of the new generation of tango dancers, such as Cecilia Garcia and Serkan Gokcesu, and Ariadne Naveira and Fernando Sanchez (to name just a few) are doing exactly that.  Ariadne and Fernando express this desire beautifully when describing their approach to tango...

" to combine the essential tools of tango with the inherent feel of the complement each other in a harmonious dance that mixes the viewpoint of a modern Tango with the essence of Tango... to spread their love of Tango in all of its expressions."2

With dancers of this calibre and mindset at the forefront of the new generation of tango dancers, I feel very positive about where my beloved dance is heading!

1 Quoted in Tango Nuevo, Carolyn Merritt
2  Excerpts from Ariadne & Fernando's website

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