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Tango on the Silver Screen

posted Mar 9, 2014, 2:37 PM by Sophia de Lautour   [ updated Aug 20, 2014, 11:46 PM ]
Tango dancing has occurred in many movies, and undoubtedly some of these movies have been the inspiration behind taking up tango lessons.  Here are some of the most famous movies with tango scenes...

Valentino in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) 
by Rex Ingram
This silent movie and epic war drama had a huge cultural impact. It was the top-grossing film of 1921 and became the sixth-best-grossing silent movie in history. The film transformed then-little-known actor Rudolph Valentino into a superstar and associated him with the image of the 'Latin Lover'. The film also inspired a tango craze and such fashion fads as gaucho pants.

Here's footage of the movie's famous tango scene...

Tango Bar (1935) - by John Reinhardt.

This was the last film the Tango singer megastar Carlos Gardel ever made. He tragically died in an airplane crash in the same year that the film was released. 

Here's footage of Carlos Gardel tangoing...

Naked Tango (1990) -  by Leonard Shrader

The film plays on the supposed, if not quite true, association of tango with brothels.
Expect plenty of nudity...
Scent of a Woman (1992) - by Martin Brest
Starring Al Pacino

Famous quote from this movie - "No mistakes in tango, not like life."

This movie probably did more than any other movie to inspire men to learn Tango! 

In the following footage Al, who plays a blind character in the movie, invites and teaches a beautiful young women to tango...

The Tango Lesson (1996) - by Sally Potter
Starring Pablo Veron

Famous quote from the movie: (Sally) "How did you choose the tango?"  (Pablo) "I didn't. The tango chose me."

In this footage Sally tangos 'a threesome' with Pablo,  Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas, all internationally renowned tango teachers and performers.  In this scene I would have loved to have taken Sally's place! 

This movie probably did more than any other movie to inspire women to learn Tango! 

Tango - by Carlos Saura (1998)

An Argentine - Spanish production which, in my opinion, is the most visually beautiful and sensual movie of all these movies. Carlos and his cinematographer Vittorio Soraro did an amazing job. Some famous tango dancers appearing in the movie are Carlos Rivarola, Carlos Copes and his daughter Juana Copes. 

Here's footage of Carlos C and Johanna dancing...

Frida (2002) - by Julie Taymor

In this movie Salma Hayek plays the character of Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo. Here's footage of her tangoing with another woman - very 'flamenco-esque '!

Assassination Tango (2002) - by Robert Duval
Robert wrote, directed, produced and acted in this movie! The movie was not a critical success, and this may be due to Robert taking on too many responsibilities at once.
Here's footage from the movie of Robert Duval tangoing with his wife Luciana Pedraza who plays the leading lady and love interest. Robert has been a tango aficionado for many years. Luciana learnt tango for this movie. 

And there are others such as:
One Last Dance - currently in production.

Do you have a favourite?