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One Last Dance - Part 1

posted Jun 11, 2014, 8:08 PM by Sophia de Lautour
I'm looking forward to the release of One Last Dance - a short film directed by Luke Losey about lost love reconnecting an old man with his past, reigniting his passion for life in one last tango dance. 

The film, which is still in production, stars  Jonathan Pryce.  Jonathan is a well known actor who has starred in many movies, including Evita (another film with tango dancing) in which he played Juan Peron.
Jonathan Pryce as Juan Peron 
Luke gives some background on the tango dancing part of the film.

'Jonathan Pryce can already Tango - he’s actually really an amazing dancer. Sara Kestelman (who plays his wife - appearing in a vision to him) trained as a dancer but has not Tango’d before, so we have started by giving her lessons, these have now progressed sufficiently that we are ready to start to choreograph a ‘dance’ with her teachers. We wont bring Jonathan into the process for a little while yet…'1
Sarah Kestelman Source:

In upcoming posts I'll be sharing the director's thoughts on capturing the essence of tango, choice of tango music and the challenges of filming tango dancing.

Stay tuned!