Like two oranges...

Post date: May 24, 2014 12:39:46 AM

So, you might ask, what do Murat and Michelle Erdemsel have in common with two oranges?

I'm referring to this beautiful quote by the much revered tango dancer Vanina Bilous...

"A couple aren't two halves of an orange. They are two oranges in a fruit bowl. Unless there are two complete people there; two people, each of them vibrant and alive, there is no couple." (Vanina Bilous)

As you can see from the above clip of an improvisation by Michelle and Murat, they're a great example of what Vanina is referring to in her metaphorical description of a tango couple. They have, what I believe are, the essential qualities that separate amazing dancers from the mediocre:


1) They are equal partners, each making their unique contribution to the dance.


2) They bring themselves fully to the dance, expressing their own individuality whilst being fully aware and responsive to the other.

I wrote about these qualities in: The Two Qualities

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