How do you feel about women leading women?

Post date: Mar 23, 2014 8:15:16 AM

A comment was recently made by a local dancer that he finds the phenomenon of women leading women to be 'off-putting'. Whilst I congratulate him for his honesty, the statement is an intriguing one for me. 

I like to follow and lead and what other dancers think about the latter won't stop me from doing it. It is nonetheless an interesting subject for me, especially given that more and more tangueras that I know in Sydney and around the world are taking up leading. 

You can see some great example of this in the youtube video featured here of Corina Herrera Melina Bruffman sharing the lead, and Ariadne Naveira leading Innes Muzzopappa.

What do other tangueros and tangueras think about women leading women? If it bothers you, why does it bother you?