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Post date: Aug 28, 2014 6:14:30 AM

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men practicing tango - 1926

I totally agree with the following advice from Tango Truisms on the benefits of role-reversal in tango practice...

"There are many pathways to becoming a better dancer, group instruction is one method, private instruction is another, tango intensives for maximum effect, private practice, solo practice, group practice, public practicas, and even milongas. All have their benefits and their detractions. One thing that's not mentioned in that list is role swapping. And in specific SAME GENDERED role swapping will not help you to become a better dancer….however It will help you to become a much more aware dancer, or how you feel to others. More specifically it will help you to understand what you feel and what is being reflected back at you."

Notation: Most people internalize the experience in much the same way as “Do I feel like that ?” The role swap itself, and the feeling and its effect that it has on the dancer, is probably the single most effective tool to beginning the change that has to occur of self-analysis in tango. Being self-critical begins with this first and most important step."

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