Course structure

SoTango's courses are designed to fully support and inspire you in the four stages of your tango journey: Explore - Embody - Essence - Evolve

Level 1: Explore
An exploration of:
  • A few fundamental moves for social tango dancing
  • Posture
  • Embrace and connection
  • Footwork
  • Navigation
  • Musicality
  • Improvisation
Level 2: Embody
Builds on the content and concepts of Level 1 adding more fundamental moves for social tango dancing. By the end of this course you are more in your body and less in your head when dancing tango.

Level 3: Essence
Builds on content and concepts of preceding levels. By this stage you have a solid understanding of the skills, attitude and technique required for social tango dancing

Level 4: Evolve
Develops creativity, unpredictability and artistry in your tango.