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4 Week course - Vals and Milonga

posted May 5, 2015, 8:10 AM by Sophia de Lautour
image by Willow Bader

In every So Tango  Intermediate 4 week course we focus on a particular theme. 

The theme for our next course is...  Vals and Milonga

In addition to Tango rhythm, Argentine tango dancers usually enjoy two other related dances: Vals (waltz) and Milonga.

Milonga is also the name given to clubs, gatherings and parties that are dedicated to dancing Argentine Tango. This double meaning of the word Milonga can be confusing unless one knows the context in which the word “Milonga” is used. 

Vals is danced to 3/4 time. Tango dancers dance the Vals in a smooth  and flowing way. The Vals, as it is danced by tango dancers is characterized by lots of turning (giros) and an absence of pauses.

Level 3 (Intermediate)
Venue: 181 Blues Point Road, North Sydney
5 Wednesdays (May 6 - May 27)
Time: 7.30pm - 9pm
We start with a warm-up Practica from 7.30 -8pm.

The rate is $85 for 5 lessons, and that includes lesson videos!  Casual rates are available. For more details see: Investment

Please contact SO TANGO in advance if you will be attending - as we always aim for role balance.