Level 3 - 4 Mar - May 2018

The theme of this 7-week course is Vals and Milonga.
For Sophia's Spotify lists for Vals, Milonga and Tango go to 'sophiatangos' and look for the lists:
  • Vals (trad) - for students
  • Vals (neo) - for students
  • Milonga (trad) - for students
  • Milonga (neo) - for students
  • Tango (trad) - for students
  • Tango (neo) - for students
Week 6 Starting April 14
Milonga (Part 2 of 3) We focused mainly on the 6 and 8 step combination. See Week 5 video.  In that video spot the following moves, which are also well suited to milonga:
  • 'Fake' and retraced steps
  • Double and triple crosses
Weeks 5 Starting April 7 
Milonga (Part 1 of 3) We introduced a 6 and 8 step combination that works will with Milonga:

Week 4 starting April 30
In Week 4 guest teacher was Sergio Torres Pacheco. We took a break from Vals and Milonga so that Sergio could show us one of his favourite Sacada - Gancho combinations for tango:

Week 3 starting April 23

Vals - Part 3 of 3 lessons
Introduced a walking turn to the Right.
Here it is shown in single time but double time would also be possible in parts of the turn:

Week 2 starting April 16

Vals - Part 2 of 3 lessons
Introduced a simple 4 Step turn to the Left...

Week 1 Starting March 27
Vals - Part 1 of 3 lessons
Moves focused on:
  • Walking Ochos to Cross System Cross
  • Cross System Cross with Giro to the right
  • Parallel Cross (double time) with Giro to the right
  • Medilaluna
Two improvisations using the above moves and Ocho Cortado

We will play more with Ocho Cortados in Week 2.
Remember no classes in the Weeks starting April 2 and 9 due to Easter and Pablito's Festival.

Music Notes
  • Rhythm is 3/4
  • The double time in Vals feels faster than double time in Tango. 
  • The space after last double time step in Vals and next single time step feels longer than in Tango.
Songs used in the lesson (and good for practicing) were:
  • Desde el Alma - by Francisco Canaro
  • Adios Juventud - by Francisco Canaro
  • Francia - by Tubatango