Level 4 Feb - Mar 2018

Week 7 - March 19
We reviewed the Sacadas and Americana combinations covered this term. All Giros were entered from the Parallel Cross.
  • Sacadas to Walking Forward Ochos - ending with Americana.
  • Double Sacadas to Giro to the Right - ending with optional Sandwich. (Follower's first forward and side steps)
  • Single Sacada to Giro to the Right - Sacada at Follower's first side Step
  • Single Sacada to Giro to the Left - Sacada at Follower's  first side step - Sacada from Leader's left leg
  • Single Sacada to Giro to the Left - Sacada at Follower's first side step - Sacada from Leader's right leg  and optional Enrosque.
Walking Ocho Sacadas:

Week 6 - March 12
We reviewed Walking Ocho Sacadas and introduced the linking of the Americana to these Sacadas.

We played with the concept of momentum using the metaphor of roller coaster motion. It is important for the leader to be aware of the follower's flow and momentum when she is dancing Ochos. To lead a Sacada you need to have precise timing which requires awareness of the follower's momentum and flow between steps and pivots.

Sorry dear students, but we're going to need to re-shoot the Walking Ochos to Americana video as it has disappeared off my phone!

In the meantime FYI here are some videos involving the Americana in various combinations:

Linked with Ochos and Crosses:

Entry to Giro to the Left:

Week 5 - March 5
We showed how Sacadas could be added to Forward Ochos, which could then be extended to Giros to either side. Apologies that we forgot to video this move in class! Please remind me do this on Monday and I will put video up asap.

1) Review all the Sacada combinations to date,
2) Practice the Lapiz Walk and the Pivoting walk (elongated Giro) on a regular basis.

3) For some inspiration here's a post I wrote with videos of beautiful tango walking. Tango is known as the 'walking dance' - having a good tango walk is the foundation to being a good tango dancer.

Week 4 - February 26
We continued theme of Sacadas. Here's the new move for this week - Double Sacada to Giro to the Right ending in Sandwich:

Week 3 -  February 19
Reviewed Sacadas from previous weeks. 
Introduced Double Sacada - Follower's first Back and Side steps in Giro to the Right:

Weeks 1 and 2 - February 5 and 12
Simple Sacadas to Giros to both sides...