For Level 3 (Intermediate)

Completion of SoTango's Level 2 course and ability to:

1) Walk to single, double and half time
2) Lead, or be lead into the following moves:
  • Ochos - Forward and Back
  • Sandwich 
  • Forward Ocho from Parallel Cross
  • Parada
  • Cross - Parallel 
  • Medialuna from backward Ocho
  • Giro to the right from Parallel Cross
Level 4 (Intermediate / Advanced)

1) Completion of a series of  Level 3 seven week courses. 

Typically our students attend between four to eight Level 3 courses before progressing to Level 4. 

It varies greatly. Some students prefer to take longer than eight courses and some progress to Level 4 earlier. It all depends on prior dance experience (even a martial arts or yoga background or similar can help) and, most importantly, how much effort you put into practice! Private lessons also speed up skill acquisition.

2) In addition to the Level 3 prerequisites - the following abilities are required:


To lead and improvise by linking the Level 2 moves and the additional moves covered in Level 3 namely:
  • Cross System Cross
  • Americana
  • Ocho Cortado
  • Change of Direction for turning
  • Giros from Backward Ochos 
  • Giros from side steps
  • To be able to follow improvised tango (with all the above-listed moves)
  • To be able to walk a Giro solo (to both sides) in a balanced, grounded way to the beat - a great test of balance and musicality!
Please feel free to contact Sophia to express your interest or to discuss further.

Private lessons can be arranged to cover any skill gaps, prior to commencing Intermediate or Advanced level.