Fundamentals 1 
No prior tango or dance knowledge required.
Also suitable for people who wish to review the fundamentals

Fundamentals 2 
Completion of Fundamentals 1 or equivalent 
Also suitable for people who wish to review the fundamentals

Completion of SoTango's Fundamentals 1 and 2 or equivalent and ability to lead, or be lead into the following moves:
  • Ochos - Forward and Back
  • Sandwich 
  • Forward Ocho from Parallel Cross
  • Parada
  • Cross - Parallel 
  • Medialuna from backward Ocho
  • Giro to the right from Parallel Cross

Completion of a series of Intermediate courses or equivalent.

The amount of  Intermediate courses completed can not be specified as it varies greatly between students. It depends on prior dance experience (even a martial arts or yoga background or similar can help), and, most importantly, how much effort you put into practice and how often you dance tango socially. Most Advanced students are dancing regularly at milongas.
This level is by invitation but If you would like to join this level please express your interest to your instructor.
In addition to the Intermediate prerequisites - the following abilities are required:

Both Leaders and Followers:
The ability to:
  1. Walk with sound technique
  2. Dance in a flexible embrace 
  3. Dance in time to the music
  1. To clearly lead turns and pivots well without distorting the frame
  2. To lead all the moves of Fundamentals - Intermediate levels well
  1. Clearly articulate their steps without breaking the frame.
  2. Pivot without leaning on their partner
  3. Walk Giros and Ochos solo with good balance 

Please feel free to contact Sophia to express your interest or to discuss further.

Private lessons can be arranged to cover any skill gaps, prior to commencing Intermediate or Advanced level.