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How do I love La Cumparsita? Let me count the ways...

posted Jan 6, 2015, 9:56 PM by Sophia de Lautour   [ updated Sep 2, 2017, 2:07 AM ]
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Melina and Claudio

In my post Has tango changed for the worse? - Part 1, I used two interpretations of La Cumparsita (probably the most famous and often played tango song ever) to illustrate different interpretations to the same song. The theme of the post was how style diversity was important to the vitality of tango as a dance form.

One display was by the iconic Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves; the other was by Melina Brufman and Claudio Gonzalez. The post prompted my teaching partner Paul Wagner to share interpretations by Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez, and Lucia Mazer and Chicho Frumboli.

So I'm now counting four beautiful ways to love La Cumparista, but there are of course many more beautiful interpretations of this great song. 

Which one is your personal favourite?

Maria and Juan Carlos

Geraldine and Javier

Chicho and Juana

Melina and Claudio

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