Classes: Assisting, Swapping and Extra

Swapping Classes

☆ SoTango offers the same courses (same content) each week at North Sydney, Glebe and Redfern - so you can swap between these venues, as necessary, to complete your course. 

Each additional class (on the same night or at different location) to that which you have enrolled is $10 per class - unless you are assisting. 

Assisting Classes

At SoTango we really appreciate the value our assistants add to our classes.  For this reason we encourage our higher level students to attend lower level class/es for FREE as an assistant. It's a win-win: not only do you help our beginner students to develop, you also expand and accelerate your own understanding of tango and skill development!

★★When assisting:
  • Partner rotation is required. 
  • Role reversal is encouraged and welcomed (but optional) - role reversal is excellent for skill development and helps to ensure classes are role balanced.
  • Priority is given to partnering with lower level students rather than other assistants.
Note for Level 4 Students at North Sydney

For any classes missed in your course you can attend the Glebe or Redfern classes as a replacement class. While not the same content, we can work with you at your level on technique and repertoire.

☆ ☆ Conditions apply - this opportunity is exclusive to:
  • Enrolled students (i.e. those not attending casually) - or by invitation to casual students.
  • Students who have completed the level they are assisting. For example if you wish to start at Level 3 (due to prior instruction with another school) you are required to attend your first level 1 as a student (at extra class rate of $10). On completion you are able to assist future level 1 courses.