Women's Technique Workshops

Recent testimonials

      "So after doing 5 years of pilates I found it was Sophia's Women's Technique Workshops, not pilates, that helped me to finally ignite my core! I'm also loving the fun instruction and social nature of So Tango group classes." - Janice B, August 2016

      "Thanks for the making the Women's technique workshop so much fun. In just 1.5 hours Sophia not only taught me corrected my bad postures, she also taught us new techniques and  exercises to practice at home. Now I feel much more confident in dancing tango than ever before. I'd recommend this workshop to women who wants to upgrade their tango techniques in a short period of time. " - Kathie Cheung, August 2016

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So Tango's Women's Technique Workshops focus on:

Workshops are offered as semi-private lessons with a minimum of two and maximum of four participants. This allows for plenty of one to one instruction and adjustment. 

If you'd like to take your following up to another level this is the workshop to attend!

Instructor: Sophia de Lautour 

When:  Saturdays or Sundays at a mutually agreed time. Week nights also possible, excluding Monday nights.

Where: Kingsford (address provided at booking)

Investment: $45 per person 


1.5 hours (if 2 students)

2 hours (if 3 students) 

The best way to arrange these workshops is to work out with other students who might like to share your session some mutually suitable times / dates and then contact me to check availability.