So When Did Argentine Tango Start to Become Fashionable?

Post date: Nov 17, 2014 4:58:53 AM

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So When Did Argentine Tango Start to Become Fashionable?

"So when did Tango start or better still when did it start to follow fashion trends…..We know tango had its origins over 150 years ago…. it was considered a dance of the lower classes, immigrates to fashions where not an important influence at the time..

The earliest indications of Tango being danced in Europe comes from the around 1910. It likely came into France first through the port of Marseille, where Argentine sailors would dance with the local girls, and Tango was the couple dance they preferred. There is evidence of a couple dancing Tango on stage in Montmartre in Paris by 1909. But it was in 1912 that the Tango took Paris by storm and Paris being the capital of couture the tread to accommodate women so they could dance has started..

By the turn of the century fashions where already going through changes, starting to make an exit where the restrictive Victorian corsets and hooped skirts, this change was accelerated with the influence of the Tango. Parisian women with their Joie de vivre started to abandoned the corset in order to dance with more freedom. The directions of feathers in women’s hats moved from horizontal, sweeping across in front of the face, to vertical, going up from the forehead, letting a couple dance without the feather getting in the Tango partner’s way. Tulip skirts, which opened at the front, made dancing easier.,low cut backs to give the sensual feel to this dance of passion .So the business of Tango fashion had started ,women were sold not just Tango shoes, but Tango stockings, Tango hats, Tango dresses, and anything else that manufacturers could think of. And the colour of Tango was not what we think it to be Red and Black but Orange..but we will explore that in another story.

The most famous icon to have started the tread of tango and style would surly be Rudolph Valentino (May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926) was an Italian actor. Nicknamed “The Great Latin Lover”, he was one of the first male movie sex symbols and gained attention for his rendition of the Argentine tango..

Valentino received his first real shot at stardom as Julio in Rex Ingram’s epic THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE (1921). First appearing in the bar room scene, a passionate Valentino mesmerized audiences and tangoed his way to instant celebrity (providing some great PR for the dance itself)"

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About Angela Facchini

Angela has become one of the world leaders in Tango Couture. Italy is a great base for her as (in addition to being of Italian heritage) the country has a thriving tango culture and tango is now considered by many there to be Italy's national dance! 

Angela has designed for many of the leading tango dancers in Italy including  Sabrina Amato, Anna Maria Ferrara, Daniela Damofonti, Francesca Del Buono, Bibianna Reynoso and Victoria Maria Arenillas. 

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Anna Maria Ferrara, wearing one of Angela's designs at Tango Couture 2012 Collection

Her journey in the fashion industry was inspired by her Italian family roots and their entrepreneurial spirit. Angela's father created a successful business manufacturing wooden clothes hangers for the Sydney rag trade and her mother was an accomplished embroiderer.

You can read more about Angela and her Tango Couture here.