New hair fashion for tangueros?

Post date: May 7, 2014 7:13:43 AM

Yes it's a trivial subject... but indulge me...

The upper is photo of some of the performers at the recent Beirut Tango Festival.  To the right are one of my favourite tango couples Ariadne Naveira and Fernando Sanchez. To their left is Mazen Kiwan, a tango dancer and choreographer, originally from Lebanon, who is now based in Paris. What most caught my eye in this photo was Mazen's unique beard. In the lower photo you will find that his locks are similarly eye catching. Quite wizard-like!

I'm sure the latter photo will catch the eye of many, not only for their beautiful hair of it's subjects:-)

image source: Ariadna Naveira y Fernando Sanchez

lower image source: Mazen Kiwan