So Tango opens new weekly milonga in...Sydney Town Hall!

Post date: Apr 1, 2014 5:48:42 AM

So you've just read this heading and you're wondering how is that possible?! 

Tango is hardly a booming recreational industry in Sydney , much as Sydney's tango lovers would like it to be. Tango dancers don't drink much so not much revenue for the venue in the way of drinks consumption. It's hard to even get a gig in a local RSL out in wop wop...

So how did So Tango do it? And what night will it be on?..

Sydney Tango Town Hall

Short answer - we didn't... Happy April Fools!   Sorry guys I couldn't resist in indulging in a fantasy of mine, and I'm sure many tango teachers would love to host  a regular milonga in such a gorgeous and iconic venue.

But wouldn't it be great if milongas in Sydney could be held in such beautiful venues on a regular basis, as is the case in many cities in Europe. 

The most beautiful milonga venue in Sydney is without a doubt Glebe Town Hall, and since it's renovation it is even more lovely. Pity it has a curfew for music to be off by 11.45pm! Blame Sydney Council for that and the power of local residents. But nonetheless it is a very nice setting in which to tango. 

Let there be more such excellent venues!