Raul's Bio

Raul Kilstein was born in Buenos Aires, and from early age he was drawn to the exquisite melodies and lyrics of argentinian tango and folklore, having an active involvement in playing and singing both gendres. In 2003 Raul, after living many years in Sydney, took a year sabbatical and return to his roots in Buenos Aires where he worked in conjunction with Maria Pantuso “Zapatos Rojos Tango” in La Trastienda (a well known Buenos Aires events place) co-ordinating tango classes, dance shows and live orchestras performances.

Some of the major events produced were “The night of Gavito and his friends”, “La Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro”, dance performances of Javier Rodriguez and Geraldine Rojas, and the production of Guillermina Quiroga’s “Tango and the Kabala”, amongst many other.

Raul studied tango with many teachers, like Gustavo Russo, former member of the “Tango Pasion” group and ex director of “Tango Seduccion”, Claude Murga, former member of the argentinian show “Tanguera”, Jorge Torres, of “Forever Tango” fame, the late Omar Vega, milonga teacher extraordinaire, Gabriela Elias, dancer and choreographer with the Mariano Mores Orchestra, and the well know and ground breaking tango teachers and performers Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa and Gustavo Naveira y Gisell Ann. But Raul’s main source of inspiration, knowledge, and essence of tango come from his “Maestros”, the great milonguero, international performer and founder of the Todaro-Bravo tango school, Raul Bravo, and the sublime performer and educator, with his unique style, the late Carlos Gavito.

Raul was founder of the Tango Encanto school in Sydney in 2009 with Jenny Wood, teaching in Leichhardt and Bondi Junction and having a Milonga (Social) every Thursday before leaving for Buenos Aires once again to further his craft, an occurrence that continued till the present day.