Personal hygiene in class

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The following post written for tango students could also be applied to social dancing.

Given the physical closeness in tango, good hygiene is essential and, for the vast majority of students, it's not an issue.  This is a sensitive and potentially embarrassing area to cover, but if there was a problem, we think most of us would prefer to be the first, rather than the last, to know.

One cause of body odour that is sometimes overlooked is stress. Especially if you are new to tango, it is important to anticipate some increased levels of anxiety when you dance. You may also be surprised how much hard work and concentration tango requires. When dancing in close proximity, this all adds up and can leave you with a issue that does not occur in other aspects of your life. We have known even experienced dancers who failed to realise the impact of this combination of factors.

Here are my top ten tips for personal hygiene at tango classes.