The theme of our next Intermediate course is...

Post date: Aug 12, 2014 2:45:08 AM

In every SO TANGO Level 3 (Intermediate) 5 week course we focus on a particular theme.  The theme for our next course is... Variations on the Americana

The Americana is any move that 'involves walking by facing the same direction and stepping forward. This resembles a walk in the park by sweethearts (except they may hold their hands together whereas in tango the embrace is preserved)'.1 

Level 3 (Intermediate)

Venue: 181 Blues Point Road, North Sydney

5 Wednesdays (August 13 - September 10)

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

We start with a warm-up Practica from 7.30 -8pm.

The rate is $100 for 5 lessons, and that includes lesson videos!  For more details see: Rates and Payments

Please contact SO TANGO in advance if you will be attending - to help us with the planning of role balance.

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