Learn Tango in Bondi or North Sydney starting late May 2017

Post date: Mar 2, 2017 5:46:17 AM

north sydney bondi tango lessons

 So Connecting, so Soulful...

photos by Susan L'Estrange

☆ Early bird rate for this course ends May 22 ☆

Take advantage of our 'Bring a Partner for Free' offer! (conditions apply)

This limited time offer means that if you bring a partner of the opposite role - you only pay for one person!

For: Complete beginners or people wishing to review and refine tango fundamentals.

North Sydney  May 29 - July 10

(7 Mondays)

6.30pm - 7.30pm: Lesson 

7.30pm - 8.30pm: Studio space provided for you to practice after class (optional)

Venue: 181 Blues Point Road (Presbyterian School Hall)

For more details click here.

Bondi May 31- July 12

(7 Wednesdays)

7pm - 8pm: Lesson

8pm - 9pm: Studio space provided for you to practice after class (optional)

Venue: Bondi School of Arts, 138 Bondi Road

For more details click here.

north sydney bondi tango lessons

So much Fun!

Here's how to book. Bookings are essential - to enable gender balanced classes. We have a team of assistants we can call in to balance up the classes. 

Read here about our very reasonable rates and special offer.

Read here what others say about us

"Difficult to put words to the experience...When they dance they never cease to inspire and touch me with their collected intensity, tenderness and grace... Both Sophia and Paul are consumate teachers - breaking down such an art form into tiny precise chunks with such classic style. 

What is so impressive is how they are spontaneously able to tailor each step to the students present on the night and patiently understand what each of us needs to 'get it'. 

So it is with huge respect and appreciation that I thank them for all that they share of the spirit, love and intense joy of Tango - and the dedication they have when sharing their skill with us - and for bringing together such a great group of people to dance with. 

Thank you! It has brought so much into my life!" (Cherry Manfield, Dec 2015, early childhood teacher, film-maker)

If you are unable to attend on these dates you can cover the same content through private one to one coaching.

You can attend either group or private coaching with or without a partner. Rotation of partners is encouraged but optional.