Leader's Technique Workshops

north sydney tango lessons

SoTango's Leader's Technique Workshops are offered as semi-private lessons with a minimum of two and maximum of three participants. This allows for plenty of one to one instruction and adjustment. 

If you'd like to take your leading up to another level this is the workshop to attend!

Instructor: Sophia de Lautour 


Technique for leaders, focusing particularly on understanding the structure and subtleties of follower's moves. Yes you read that correctly! Understanding the follower's moves is essential to good leading. We will also work on the particular needs of participants, such as walking technique, turning, musicality, posture and embrace.

When:  Saturdays or Sundays at a mutually agreed time. Week nights also possible, excluding Monday nights.

Where: Kingsford (address provided at booking)

Investment: $45 per person 


1.5 hours (if 2 students)

2 hours (if 3 students)

The best way to arrange these workshops is to work out with other students who might like to share your session some mutually suitable times / dates and then contact me to check availability.