Level 4 July - August 2017

Week 7 (August 28)

We focused on the Giro to the right entered from the Cross System and Parallel Crosses - with emphasis on timing particularly in the transition from the Cross to the Giro.

(Unfortunately no sound on these videos!)

Parallel Cross - Giro to the Right

Cross System Cross - Giro to the Right

Alternative footwork is that the leader crosses his right leg behind his left leg as the follower crosses.

Week 6 (August 21)

We mainly focused on walking technique - emphasising the need to push into the floor - to use the floor to give 'juice' to our dance. We discussed how a follower could 'dance with attitude' without breaking her connection with her partner.

Week 5 (August 14)

We focused on musical phrasing and ornamenting. Songs focused on were:

Tres Esquinas - Angel D'Agostino

Un Tropezon - Angel D'Agostino

Son Cosas del Bandoneon - Enrique Rodriguez

We focused on moves that are as good for resolution, i.e. ending phrases, such as:

Week 4 (August 7)

We refined 'Hosei's combination' from Week 3 and added an Enrosque to it.

Enrosque is derived from the Spanish verb 'enroscar' - to coil or twist: While the follower is dancing a giro, the man pivots on his supporting foot, hooking or coiling the working leg behind or around in front of the supporting leg.

Week 3 (July 31)

Our guest teacher Hosei introduced to us one of his favourite combinations which includes retracing in the form of boleos:

Week 2 (July 24)

We introduced the following moves...

Parada from Cross System Cross

Rhythmic Ocho Cortado

Week 1 (July 17)

The theme for this term is 'Doing more with what you already know: weight shifts and retracing.' 

Weight shifts refers to moving between axes (yes that is the plural of axis!) within a step. Retracing refers to going back and forth between moves. These concepts instantly and easily expand your repertoire of moves and keeps your tango interesting and enjoyably unpredictable!

We explored possibilities for weight shift and retracing with the following basic moves and figures:

We also encouraged you to to treat your practice as if you were social dancing - meaning if you got lost in a move and didn't know how to keep going you were encouraged while pausing to find a creative way to keep the dance moving.