Level 3/4

Nov - Dec 2023

Save the date!

Our next Practilonga is Saturday 16 December 2 - 5pm, North Sydney (our Christmas party).

For more details on Practilongas go here:

Week 3 of 3 Weeks of Milonga: 20 November

We introduced Ocho Cortado which works very well in Milonga.

Week 2 of 3 weeks of Milonga: 13 November

We introduced the Turning Step to the Right and added to Box Step:

Week 1 of 3 weeks of Milonga: 6 November

Welcome to a new term which focuses on Milonga and Vals. 

This term we have 3 lessons of Milonga, 3 of Vals and then final lesson is a review of both.

Remember that Milonga is 2/4 timing.

In Week 1 we introduced the Milonga Box Step and Traspié (double time)

Tango Music - for practicing 


Check out Sophia's Spotify lists:

Tango (Trad) Best for practicing musicality - walking to single, double and half time.

Tango (Neo) contemporary songs (good for practicing technique)

Vals (Trad)

Milonga (Trad)

Link to 250 songs

The following link will download a fabulous collection of 250 of the most popular songs (tango, vals and milonga) played in milongas around the world!


This link goes to a zip file (little less than a 1 GB file). 

Here's a link to help you better understand tango music for dancing