Level 3 March - May 2017

Week 7 (starting 22.05.17)

We reviewed the Ocho Cortado - entered from Parallel Cross:

We also reviewed Medialuna, Sandwich, Ochos and Crosses - paying particular attention to how the torso (not the arms) leades the move. The followers placed their arms on leaders' torso to increase this awareness.

Week 6 (starting 15.05.17)

We reviewed and refined Giro to the Right from Cross System Cross. We then focused on linking moves covered over the term, whilst refining technique and applying musicality. No new moves introduced.

Week 5 (starting 08.05.17)

We reviewed Giros entered from Ochos and Parallel Cross (see videos from previous weeks). We introduced Giro to the Right from Cross System Cross:

Week 4 (starting 01.05.17)

In North Sydney  and Bondi we reviewed entry to Giros from Back Ochos  (to Leader's left and right) and Parallel Cross (to Leader's right). 

Here's a Giro to the right with Sandwich:

We also explored different footwork for leaders (compared to that in Week 3 video) for leading Giros: 

Week 3 (starting 10.4.17)

We focused on giro technique and musicality for leaders and followers. We worked in particular on Giro from Parallel Cross:

Week 2 (starting 03.04.17)

In North Sydney we  focused on musicality and dynamic (flexible) embrace, with focus on Parallel Cross and circular moves. Flexible embrace enables balance. Balance enables musicality. No new moves introduced.

In Bondi we reviewed Week 1 Barrida moves and introduced Barridas from Back Ochos (entry to Sandwich).

Week 1 (starting 27.3.17)

In North Sydney the key messages were for...

Leaders - to be aware at all times where your partner's axis and hip / leg alignment are, and to adjust when necessary to maintain connection.

Followers - "to take as much as you are given" meaning to be sensitive to the dynamic of the lead and to constantly step to balance with your partner's axis.

No new moves indicated - therefore no videos this week.

In Bondi we introduced Barridas to the Left and Right from Backward Ochos:

In case you haven't received this from earlier terms...

Tango Music - for practicing

You can find tango music on Spotify. I recommend the following album: 'Serie de Oro' by Carlos di Sarli. This album has good songs for practicing. Avoid the last song 'Tu Palida Voz' as it's a vals.

The following link will download a fabulous collection of 250 of the most popular songs (tango, vals and milonga) played in milongas around the world!  Focus for now only on the tangos. Also focus on instrumental songs as opposed to vocals as these are easier to find the beat. Di Sarli is one of the better orchestras to start with.


This link goes to a zip file. It's a little less than a 1 GB file. 

Here's a link to help you better understand tango music for dancing.