Level 3 Feb 2017

Week 7: (starting 20.3.17)

In North Sydney we focused on contra-body movement and applied this to Medialuna resolved with Double Parada.

In Bondi we worked on Giro technique with particular focus on Giro to the right from Parallel Cross 

Week 6: (starting 13.3.17)

In North Sydney we introduced the Anti-Clockwise Giro entered from Americana:

In Bondi we continued a focus on contra-body movement and applied this to Medialuna with double Parada:

Week 5: (starting 6.3.17)

In North Sydney we worked on anti-clockwise Giros from side step...

In Bondi we focused on moving between our axes and counter body movement:

Week 4: (starting 27.2.17)

In North Sydney we practiced dancing in a small space using and linking the moves of Americana from Parallel Cross and Sandwich.

Americana from Parallel Cross:

Americana from Sandwich:

In Bondi we focused on connection and musicality, rather than navigation. We used combinations with the Parallel Cross, Sandwich and Americana. 

Week 3: (starting 20.2.17)

We focused on:

1. Giving and receiving a dance invitation and the art of the Cabeceo and Mirada (click on the link for more information on social tango etiquette)

2. Strategies for dancing in crowded spaces, in particular:

Week 2: (starting 13.2.17)

We reviewed the Americana and added it to the Sandwich

Here's the Americana without the Sandwich

The best place to add the Americana to the Sandwich is after the forward ocho (after flirting moment at Parada!). Simply extend the rotation of the forward ocho to enter the Americana (hip-side-by-side) position. 

Video with Americana ending the Sandwich is on its way! 

Week 1: (starting 6.2.17)

We focused on the Sandwich, refining the technique.

Sandwich with Paradas to Leader's right

Sandwich with Paradas to both sides