Intermediate Aug - Oct 2016

Intermediate - Level 3

Week 8 (17.10.16)

We introduced the Americana from Ocho Cortado

Week 7 (10.10.16)

We introduced the (very useful for navigation) move of Ocho Cortado:

Week 6 (3.10.16)

We reviewed clockwise and anti-clockwise Giros.

We reviewed clockwise Giro from Parallel Cross (introduced in Level 2 'Improvers')

Week 5 (26.9.16)

We reviewed anti-clockwise Giro from Week 4 and introduced a simple Clockwise Giro - 2 versions for both.

This was the clockwise version of the Week 4 Giro - the reverse direction with reverse footwork. We also introduced an additional anti-clockwise and clockwise Giro that was entered from backward ochos. 

Week 4 (19.9.16)

We reviewed Cross System Cross from Back Ochos and introduced a simple

anti-clockwise Giro:

Week 3 (12.9.16)

We reviewed Cross System Cross entered from Back Ochos:

Cross System Cross from Back Ochos

Weeks 1 and 2 

We reviewed the Cross System Cross and Parallel Cross, and linked them with Ochos. 

No new moves have been introduced so we can focus more on the musicality for these moves.

Cross System Cross

Parallel Cross

Parallel Cross with Forward Ocho