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SoTango's wedding tango services include:

Why choose tango?

There are many reasons! Learning tango is very good for a couple. It gives you an opportunity to learn a new and deeper way of communicating with each other.

Argentine tango is growing more and more popular as a bridal dance because it's a real audience pleaser with it's inherent romance and drama. 

As Argentine Tango is based essentially on a walk it's easier than most people realise. If you can learn to walk to a regular beat while embracing your partner you can tango! It's a lot of fun to learn and a beautiful experience to share with your loved one. As tango is known as the dance of passion and romance, you couldn't pick a more perfect dance to perform on your wedding day.  

Celebrate the occasion with the most romantic and connected dance in the world, and you will remember your special day forever!

What music to choose?

Some couples have their hearts set on a particular song "their song' that is often not tango music. Non-tango music is certainly possible as tango can be danced to almost any kind of music. Many contemporary songs do not fit so well with the structure of tango, but I think that if the message of the song is really important to the couple, we should adjust the dance to fit the song when necessary. Other bride and grooms prefer to dance to traditional tango music, of which we have an extensive collection from which to choose your perfect song! 


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Flexible. Lessons are available by appointment on weekends weekends between 10am - 5pm.

How many lessons?

That depends whether you have prior dance (not necessarily tango) experience or not. It also depends on how complex you wish to go with your wedding choro.

For complete beginners with no dance experience we recommend around 8 - 10 hours of coaching - ideally 1 lesson per week, so plan ahead and best not to leave this to the last minute. People with some prior dance experience will need less. 

Pricing and packages 

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"Just want to say thank you for choreographing our wedding dances. The evening turned out just perfect! Everyone was surprised that we could not only dance but dance so well." 

"Sophia taught us our wedding dance. The lessons were fun and challenging, she incorporated our ideas and wishes, and she prepared us really well for the big day! Would definitely recommend SoTango to anyone interested in learning tango!"  - Marlen Shonig

north sydney tango lessons

"Since 2001 I have prepared many couples to tango on their wedding day. It's actually one of the favourite parts of my work! 

When preparing couples for their wedding dance, I plan the lowest possible stress level into the dance, so that it doesn't add to the general stress of their wedding day.

 As your coach I will listen carefully to what each of you needs to find a dance that works for both of you.

The majority of bridal dances that I choreograph are only partially choreographed. Most people don't have the dance experience or brain capacity to deal with three minutes of choreography on top of the pressures of the big day!  

Instead, I teach up to four to six basic steps of tango and then get my couples to practice using these moves to the music and within the dimensions of the floor space on which they will be dancing on their wedding day. 

After establishing basic moves, we gradually add several fancy combinations that look nice and are memorised. In consultation with the couple I plan a memorable entrance and  ending with a few highlights in between. I put most emphasis on the beginning and end of the dance - because it they go well, most couples (and the photographers) feel good about how the dance went. 

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