"There is only one thing that will save their dancing"

Post date: Apr 21, 2014 3:52:32 AM

"For the vast majority of dancers, there is only one thing that will improve their dancing: consistent, careful, conscious, thoughtful, regular practice." 

The above quote is from a recent Facebook post by Terpsichoral Tangoaddict 

Here's a further excerpt from the post...

"Teachers can help you to identify what you need to practise and even how. But only *you* can put in the hours necessary, do the drills, work on those awkward things that aren't going quite right. It requires not just parroting what teachers say and trying blindly to follow their instructions, but understanding *why* they say it, what they are aiming for. It means not just keeping your hips in a specific position, for instance, because some well-known dancer said you should, but developing a sense of where your hips are when you execute certain movements, what effects that has on your dance and what feels more natural, more fluid, more mechanically economical, more stable." 

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