The art of not leaning on your partner!

Post date: Apr 4, 2014 7:28:06 AM

tango balance exercises posture

Followers, improving your balance is one of the best things you can do to improve your tango in general.

"If you can't stand on one leg, completely balanced without wobbling, if you dance in an embrace, you're bound to be leaning  on your partner." (David Turner)

To quote the UK based tango teacher Flavio:

"The leader is NOT a support for the follower! Balance is not a gift but a skill and can easily be improved with some exercises ...The only steps I am aware of where the follower is off balance and needs full support are the colgada and volcada."

Here are some exercises for improving balance:


One of the very best ways to improve balance is to practice solo in slow motion:

It's best to practice the above in heels, but  If you find this too challenging at first, ditch the high heels for flat shoes, and later progress to high heels.

With a partner

Practice dancing with a partner (again in slow motion) - in four different ways of connecting:

Here's some useful links / articles on the subject of improving balance:

Happy practicing!

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