Some inspiration from Chicho

Post date: Nov 11, 2014 9:44:22 PM

Sharing this eloquent message from Chicho Frumboli which he gave to seminar participants in NYC this January. Lots of gems here! 

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This was not soured from el Tangauta 

- just liked the photo of Chicho on its cover!

"Tango is now a trans-cultural movement.

It’s gone to the never imaginable horizons.

It crossed oceans and seas, and spread to the most hidden corners of this planet to warm up souls of the lonely…

It’s already beyond a dance, it's a form of communicating... feeling another person.

Whether it’s physical or ephemeral, tango is a marginal language spoken only among those few privileged ones.

But to speak it… to move and to discover the essence would be a more real point… more difficult. Tango exists in everyone who dances it, but the depth… doesn’t.

This time the seminar will be focusing even more on the internal search of that essential in tango.

Often we hear that to be able to give we have to first get to know ourselves from the inside.

And since tango is giving and receiving... the optimal mix would be to get to know our sensibilities in connection to the technical and structural possibilities of this dance. Pushing our bodies to the limits in order to understand the why, the soul of the movement, our communication with the other… and creating from the moment of learning the mechanics, the musicality, and the different and so diverse paths we can take, it’s our mutual work – yours and ours.

We will be there for you to share our tango, to keep discovering and pushing a bit forward every day…"

north sydney tango lessons

Bruce and Chicho sharing a similar approach