Should we copy the style of famous others?

Post date: Apr 16, 2014 3:52:43 AM

"There are as many ways of walking in a Tango embrace as there are in life. Best we develop our own elegant style, not copy 'famous' others." 1- David Turner

"Be truthful...don't copy others. Dance your own way. You have to 

learn from others, then produce your own style...

when you see something honest you know it." 2

- Vanina Bilous

Tango technique tip of the day...

- Develop your own style and signature - 

That's the hidden pot of gold to be discovered through any artistic pursuit. Wouldn't it be boring if we all danced danced, painted, or sang the same way!

Every teacher has their own style to teach. There is nothing wrong with that. Learn the style, then adapt it's parts to express and dance who you are. But don't get 

This is not difficult to do. Actually, it is really difficult to completely imitate another dancer, but some tango dancers devote themselves to this aim. Meryl Streep may be able to do this. But do you want to act or do you want to dance

Tango can be a beautiful vehicle to find out who you are, if you allow it. Work on developing your own tango signature, not that of some 'famous other'.

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