Do you get bored with 'just walking' the tango? - Part 1

Post date: Apr 26, 2014 6:42:04 AM

Here's some advice from Marcelo Solis of the Escuela de Tango Buenos Aires. ..

"When you exercise your walk at the beginning of the class, do you feel bored? I have to tell you: if you get bored when you do this exercise (walking), you most probably will be a very boring person to dance with, when you dance during the milonga later.

That is the moment to exercise your passion, your feelings, your emotions to come out in your walk, your connection with the music, not to show it off (the pseudo performer that pretends), but to explore your own emotions. THAT will make you a dancer who is fun, enjoyable, and interesting to dance with."

image source: Escuela de Tango Buenos Aires

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