Creating a blissful dance for your partner

Post date: Jun 23, 2014 9:09:34 PM

No matter how many moves and sequences you know, or how good your embrace, posture or general technique is - if you're not dancing to the music, it's not great tango.

Here's more on the importance of musicality...

"Music is another point of connection to your partner. Don't just listen to the music; feel it. In tango, we dance to what we feel, either melody or rhythm; there are no counts. Be sensitive to each of the instruments that make the beautiful tango song. Neither partner should feel the music on their own. Each has to understand what his/her partner feels in the music...and then dance to that. When the couple hears the music as one -- that's when tango happens. 

Once you're on the dance floor, stop thinking about the sequence you learned in class or the cool move you saw on YouTube, and just let the music sweep you away. It wouldn't make sense to dance if you're not dancing to the music, would it?" - Naomi Hotta

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"Turn to the music as your primary source of inspiration and dance the steps you already know based on the energy, rhythm and tempo of the music. This means slowing down when the music suggests it, making pauses, accelerating, putting accents on certain moments. 

When a leader dances truly from the music he creates a blissful dance for the follower." 

- Vero1

"Let the music dance you" -Sophia de Lautour