Video Your Practice

Post date: Apr 9, 2014 12:44:51 AM

A suggestion for getting the best out of a practice session with your partner, or solo practice...

1 It's a good idea not to practice for the video. When you dance 'cold' (i.e. without a warm-up) all of your most ingrained and habitual errors will be obvious at first glance.  

Videoed, transferring to computer and reviewing takes a lot more time than just dancing but it will be time well spent. You need to observe yourself dancing with a a critical eye, and looking at yourself dancing in a mirror (as shown in the photo above) is not the best way to do this. 

It's amazing how many of my students don't realise their technique faults until they see footage of their own dancing. 

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1Inspired by Tango Truisms and Terpsichoral Tangoaddict