Cinderella's Tango Dreams

Post date: Feb 2, 2015 4:59:28 AM

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Cinderella's Dream

This wonderfully atmospheric photo was awarded first prize in a photo competition (Spirit of Tango 2014) run by UK based tango organisation Tango Folly

It was taken by Philippe Gauthier - a Parisian photographer and tango dancer. The photo is entitled 'Cinderella's Dream'. If you click on Philippe's name link you can read more about him and his approach to capturing tango images and photography in general.

Here's Philippe's reply to  being asked what he thinks is the greatest challenge for a tango photographer:

'If can mention three of them. I would say it’s about scenery, light and patience. The light is usually so dim inside milongas that it restricts the scene possibilities. Then it’s to renew that scenery, its scale, to find a new story to tell with the same couple, something original. Finally patience is key. I usually choose my frame and wait for a good scene to form itself in it. I sometimes get tired of waiting. But that’s exactly how I made the shot of Cindarella’s Dream, so it’s worth it !'

north sydney tango lessons

Philippe Gauthier