More proof that tango is thriving in Greece...

Post date: Mar 20, 2014 12:22:43 PM

This picture of Tango dancers Gabriel Marino & Elli Karadimou will make you look gorgeously retro, spirited, and surreal. Who's leading who is the tantalising question.

And their dancing which is equally spirited, will also make you look twice...

gabriel marino elli karadimou argentine tango

Gabriel is originally from Rosario, Argentina and now lives in Greece. Elli is Greek. 

In July 2011 they won the title of European champions at the European Tango Championship in Turin, Italy. That year they competed in the World Tango championship in Buenos Aires and were finalists in both categories - tango salon and tango escenario. That's quite an achievement!

If Elli and Gabriel are anything to go by, tango is certainly alive and thriving in Greece.