Tango and Sochi?

Post date: Feb 24, 2014 4:47:36 AM

My favourite part of the Winter Olympics is definitely the couples figure skating, and I imagine many tango addicts feel the same way.

I've been waiting to see a tango inspired routine at Sochi. There has been at least one performance to a tango song but nothing particularly showing a tango influence. 

Spotted this today whilst surfing the net. It really is a beautiful performance on ice to 'Maria de Buenos Aires' by Piazzolla, and it captures the spirit of tango (ensenario).  This was performed at the Candian skating championships in 2013. 

There's some interesting commentary at the end. The commentator suggests that more pauses would have enhanced their performance. "It's the pause to the moment that gives tango it's emphasis" ... and doesn't the comment "you've got to skate as one" sound familiar!

I'd love to see some more tango influenced ice skating at the next Winter Olympics!