Tango: "Adultery on foot with music"

Post date: Oct 29, 2014 3:04:42 AM

Sharing this news article, published on 26/10/14 in the Turkish newspaper -  Daily Hurriyet.

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What sinful people we tango dancers are! Connecting with others in a loving embrace and enjoying some beautiful music - disgraceful! If to tango is to sin, then let me be a sinner!

"A local association in Turkey’s southern province of Adana has urged the local authorities to cancel an ongoing tango festival, describing the saucy Argentinian dance as “adultery on foot and with music.”

The group, which calls itself the “Well-behaved Adana Platform” (Uslu Adana Platformu), has taken exception to the festival, which started on Oct. 23 and is supported by the Adana Metropolitan Municipality. In a written statement, it condemned tango as “having no place in our national culture” and demanded that the festival be the last tango in Adana.

“A festival that exhibits adultery through such physical closeness has no place in our religion or national culture,” the statement read, according to a report in daily Cumhuriyet.

“This kind of erotic dance is inviting people to sin. Adultery on foot and with music might have its enthusiasts, but such repulsive things should not have their place in society,” it added.

Meanwhile, the European Tango Championships are also currently taking place in the Turkish capital Ankara."