One of the best milongas in my life

Post date: Oct 25, 2014 1:55:58 AM

One of the most memorable moments from my European tango tour was in the little city of Arnhem in the Netherlands at the Flor de Fango milonga. The milonga was the conclusion of El Corte's Chained Salon weekend.  

It's up there as one of best milonga experiences of my life.

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It was not a glitzy affair, no 'tango celebrities' (or wannabes), no 'tango cliques', no tango fashion / beauty contest... 

It was just a humble, atmospheric, little tango salon run by its amiable host Humphrey. Flor de Fango is a place for people who truly love dancing the tango. It's a place for tango lovers to be 'in the moment' with their 'other' of that moment, expressing and sharing their mutual love for the tango. 

Great music, very danceable floor, ambient lighting and a warm buzzy energy filling the room. The ingredients were there for a special night of tango.

One of the most memorable moments of the night, after many delicious dances, was experienced whilst taking time out from dancing and simply being still and observing the dancers on the floor...all of different levels finding their 'dance match', all entranced with the music and each other, all totally blissing out on the experience... 

It inspired me to comment to the tanguero at my side what a heart-warming scene of humanity it was. He replied...

'It makes you wonder whey we ever have wars.'

His words captured the moment and the feeling of the night so perfectly.  Oh how beautiful it is to make tango not war!

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* the image is not of Flor de Fango Milonga but it captures well the feel and colour of the experience. I did not take any photos at Flor de Fango - too busy experiencing it to get out my camera!