Michelle and Murat - new chapters...

Post date: Dec 11, 2014 12:06:33 AM

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Tarbes Tango Festival, France, 2014

Just discovered that one of my favourite couples Michelle Lamb and Murat Erdemsel have separated. Fortunately they have announced that it's an amicable separation.

Separating from your life and dance partner is not easy especially when you're a public figure. Been there and done that, though admittedly in a much smaller pond! While it has definitely not been easy for me separating from my life and dance partner of eleven years, subsequent tango teaching and performing partnerships have greatly invigorated my dancing and appreciation for tango. 

My wish for these two beautiful human beings is that their future tango collaborations will also enrich them both personally and professionally. I wish them much success and happiness in this new chapter of their lives. 

A big thank you is offered to Michelle and Murat for their contribution to the evolution of tango as an improvised and social dance.  As a tribute to what they have achieved in their decade plus together and what they have contributed to the evolution of our beloved dance - I'd like to share these words of praise from my friend Terpsichoral Tango Addict..

"For the emphasis you placed on floor craft, improving the social conditions of the milonga. For the way you presented tango as an art form and awakened students' creativity. For the primary importance you gave to the music, in your words, teaching and your own dancing. For the way you were absolutely equal partners in creating your dances. For your fidelity to your own vision of the dance. For your delicious performances of the Di Sarli instrumentals. Thank you for everything your partnership did for our tango, Murat Erdemsel and Michelle Lamb (was Erdemsel). I wish you both every success and happiness in your new separate life path"

Here is a post I have written about Murat and Michelle that you may enjoy reading: Like Two Oranges. It includes footage of of them dancing earlier this year to El Encopao by Enrique Rodriguez.