'Evelyn Dance with God'

Post date: Mar 12, 2015 6:09:03 AM

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Tonight La Catedral Milonga in Darlinghurst will celebrate the life and times of our tango friend Evelyn Levin who sadly left our world a week ago. 

Sharing here a post written by Ettore Ivaldi today as a tribute to Evelyn:

"I met her with a smile and remember that smile of hers and that will be the image I will have in my mind.It was less than a year ago when I shyly opened the door to go to my first milonga in Australia. It was Evelyn the lady with whom I had the honor of dancing that evening. I was in Marrickville District at the tennis club where I think they organize a particular milonghita every Friday and that time was a special time for me now that today I think about that particularly fascinating person who had welcomed me in with such elegance and simplicity. It was a first very delicate tanda and I remember that we introduced ourselves only at the end of those last musical notes. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that I was Italian and even more so when she discovered that I came from Verona. “Romeo and Juliet” she said and added that she knew a very dear, excellent dancer that lived there called Nicoletta “do you know her?” she said. Perhaps for this reason we liked each other right away. Later she paid me compliments for the way I danced and she liked me to lead her onto the floor. We all know that often a few lies make us feel good and increase our self-confidence, because I am certainly no great dancer but the commitment and respect for the person I dance with are to the utmost..."

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