Tango for team building and creating community

Post date: May 30, 2017 1:19:43 AM

north sydney tango lessons team building bondi

Performing for DFS Galeria, July 2017

Have you thought of using tango exercises for team building within your organisation, creating community or simply breaking the ice at your events?  

There is so much that tango can teach us about leadership, 'followship', focus, presence and connection. 

The following pic from a recent introductory tango lesson illustrates the SoTango approach - which is essentially focused on getting people out of their heads into their bodies and keeping it fun.

north sydney bondi tango lessons

Introductory tango lesson - North Sydney

In this exercise we used balloons to practice focus and connection.  Not only is this a fun and dynamic way to develop these qualities it also gets the room bubbling - especially when bursting balloons are met with rapturous applause! 

"We really enjoyed you dancing and lesson at the dinner. The feedback has been great from the delegates. The Director and I can’t thank you enough" 

(Alan Wylie, DeHUB Project Manager, University of New England, UNE)

"Thank you so much for all your efforts and making the afternoon fun and professional for everyone involved. The participants and audience loved it!" 

(Sara Czarnota Marketing Director, Cafe Carnivale)

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