Care for a 'Stranda'?

Post date: Jan 3, 2017 10:24:41 AM

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Came across this post today in the Wall Street Journal and couldn't resist to share with you!

Stranded at the Airport. Let's Tango!

by Rachel Emma Silverman

Published in The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 9, 2016

It was the night before Thanksgiving and Eleftherios Minas, a construction contractor, was at Boston’s Logan Airport waiting for a flight to Indianapolis. Two terminals away, Christina Chin, an anesthesiologist, was on a layover en route to Newark.

That evening, Mr. Minas posted to Facebook: “Boston airport gate A4 until 9:30. Lead or follow.”

Ms. Chin had never met Mr. Minas, but she replied anyway: “Hey, we r at C29. How do we find you?”

“At the bar next to the gate,” Mr. Minas said.

“On my way,” she replied.

Ms. Chin dashed out of her terminal and rushed to Mr. Minas’ gate. They each pulled a pair of dance shoes from their carry-on bags, and he queued up a song on his phone. Sharing a pair of earbuds, the two strangers began moving to music only they could hear, dancing a tango as passengers around them barely glanced up from their phones...


Check this anonymous couple dancing a farewell milonga (fast paced form of tango) at Tegel airport, Berlin! 

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