6 Reasons why learning tango is life changing

Post date: Aug 30, 2017 10:33:48 PM

At SoTango you'll learn that tango is...

1) Connecting

By learning tango you'll experience a beautiful and unique way of connecting with others and enjoy being part of a vibrant community. You'll get to connect with fellow students and members of Sydney's vibrant tango community - through our fun social events, tango parties ('milongas') and outings to other milongas around Sydney. 

Tango can be danced in an embrace that is close, open or combination of both. It can be danced between a man and woman, two women, two men, or with a role reversal. It does not matter what clothes are worn, nor what music is played, assuming it has a rhythm conducive to the dance.

The essential quality of tango that must never be lost, tango's raison d'etre is - connection / communion with one's partner.  If people are not communing with each other in their tango, no matter how beautiful their moves, nor how on the music they are, their dance for me is not the type of tango that I want to dance or teach.

Read more here on the how tango is the Art of Connection

2) Cognitive Enhancing (anti-ageing)

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that tango not only keeps the body in shape -it also sharpens the brain.

Read more here about the phenomenal benefits of tango to mind and body, including how tango is more effective than endurance training.

3) Self Transformative

There is no other dance like tango to teach you how to be present, focused and attentive - qualities so important for better relationships and success in general. Read here about how tango can change you personally and professionally.

4) An awesome way to meet new people 

From my experience tango is definitely the best and most fun way to meet people in your local area and when travelling.

Read here about the social benefits of tango for travellers.

Speaking of tango and travelling, here's a pic from the Byron Bay Tango Festival last weekend (can you spot me? :-))

5) The ultimate partner dance

Tango is a wonderful and unique way to spend quality time with your partner. It's no surprise that many of our students treat their tango lessons as 'date nights' .  

Tango is also ideal as a wedding dance. There is no more romantic and elegant dance than tango for the First Dance. SoTango has prepared literally hundreds of couples for their wedding dances. 

You can read more about tango for weddings here.

6) A fabulous way to play!

Last but not least tango is a playful and spontaneous dance. When we tango we can forget and escape the stresses and responsibilities of every day life.  One of the main reasons we tango is that it's just such a lot of fun!   It's a cliche but true that tango is "about the most fun you can have with another person in public."

Read more here about the playfulness of tango.

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