I want...Nothing More!

Post date: May 20, 2014 9:44:03 PM

Isn't D'Arienzo such a spirited conductor! His huge energy and presence shows in this video where his orquestra performs Nada Mas ('Nothing Else') with the Chilean singer Mercedes Serrano in 1971:

mercedes nada mas tango

There have been many versions of the  song Nada Mas since D'Arienzo's first recording in 1938, with singer Alberto Echagüe and over three decades later with Mercedes.

Other popular versions of Nada Mas:

1938: Hugo del Carril - Tito Ribero

1938: Roberto Maida - Canaro

1938: Ada Falcón - Canaro

1958 Jorge Valdez - DArienzo 

image source:  Youtube