It's said about me...

Post date: Apr 16, 2014 1:58:35 AM

Many of you have no doubt heard this popular milonga song - Se Dice de Mi.  

This Youtube clip shows footage of Tita Merello singing the song in the movie Mercado de Abasto, a 1955 Argentine musical comedy.

The song stands out when played at a milonga because the majority of songs from the Golden Era are sung by males, and the popular version of this song is by the female singer- Tita Merello. The versatile Tita was also an acclaimed actress, tango dancer and vedette. 

The song is also notable for it's particularly upbeat and spirited energy  that makes it perfect for dancing the milonga! 

For the lyrics to this song in Castellano and English click here: 

Se Dice de Mi

Image: Tita Merello  - sourced from wikipedia

tita merello se dice de mi