El Señor del Tango (Part 3): 6 things that might surprise you about Di Sarli

Post date: Mar 10, 2014 2:02:09 AM

Following on from El Señor del Tango (Part 2)... 

Here's some perhaps lesser known facts about Carlos Di Sarli - 'El Señor del Tango'...

1) In 1930 Di Sarli fought with the owner of the café 'El Germinal' where he used to play. This was in response to the owner's criticism for wearing dark glasses on stage (Di Sarli always wore black sunglasses to hide a childhood injury).

2) Di Sarli would not allow anyone to film him playing piano with his orchestra. When someone approached with a camera, Di Sarli would stop playing.

3) Due to there being no footage of Di Sarli's playing, nor no notations of his elaborate piano improvisations, Anibal Troilo declared that Di Sarli took his artistic secrets "to the grave".

4) Di Sarli's perfectionism made him a difficult person to work with. This may explain why on three occasions (1931, 1948 and 1956) his entire orchestra walked-out on him

5) Di Sarli's dark glasses and reserved demeanour fueled unfair and unjustified rumours and innuendo. 

6) Di Sarli's name was considered bad luck ('yete'). This caused him considerable grief throughout his controversial artistic life.


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